Susan Storm's Ugly Sister and Other Saints and Superheroes

by Rachel Taylor Brown

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half are stories about the unsuper, less-gifted siblings and family of superheroes and their sometimes bitter struggles, and half are stories about saints.


released June 1, 2009

all songs, words and music, by rachel taylor brown. recorded with jeff stuart saltzman who also mixed and was, as usual, indispensible. most stuff played and all sung by rachel, with some stuff played (via coercion) by jeff. additional players as noted in songs. mastered by tony lash. graphics by katie taylor.



all rights reserved


Rachel Taylor Brown Portland, Oregon

Rachel was born and lives in Portland with her beloved husband Jay and makes disturbing yet ultimately sensible songs you can sometimes dance to.

She sees loads of ugly and beauty in the world. Trying to capture that sweet and sour thing in a song is what she’s mostly trying to do.

She records with audio midwife and dear friend Jeff Stuart Saltzman and his cats.

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Track Name: susan storm's ugly sister
dismissed with a glance, again i find
i can go undercover
i can slip your mind
you're dead to rights while you slurp your tea
i could kill you and you won't notice me

(shouldn't do that)

i could kill you and you won't notice me
i could kill you, you won't notice me
i could kill you
Track Name: ambush bug/reduviidae
class, insecta; kingdom, animalia
phylum, arthropoda; family, reduviidae

my brother precedes me, my brother, the disgrace
no cockroach or bedbug--he chose the human race

and not the average mortal, no!
idiot, he went higher
stupid bug, stupid bug, stupid phymata

suborder heteroptera, you can blind a thing
cousin melanolestes, we are poison, we are king
we can kill a man

but we're nothing against steel
stupid brother, stupid bug!
bloody imbecile
Track Name: lonely galactus, the world eater
in the interests of humanity, i bring you fond regards
with Infinity, Oblivion and Death and all--
Eternity, of course; we're a force to reckon with

i'm tired and i'm hungry, and though i promised not to feed
it's such an eon's time ago since i last spoke to reed
but there's something else
that may spare you

i have no children of my own
i'm getting old and i'm alone
a world doesn't taste so good to me

i have an interest in a son
who won't belong to anyone
but me

nothing special--just a boy
i can teach to read and laugh for joy
a companion for my travels
an attendant when the worlds unravel

i'll feed him with a silver spoon
a bite at first, a bit of moon
a piece of rusted little continent

i'll watch to see he slowly chews
and never wastes what he can use

my only boy!
what we'll destroy
Track Name: bruce wayne's bastard son
daddy got around
daddy got around to me

daddy's underground
daddy's underground with all his leather and his gear
daddy's got a super-secret awful souvenir
daddy doesn't know it but i'm sitting over here

daddy's got a friend
daddy's got a friend, i'd love to tear him end to end
daddy'd never miss him 'cause i'd make believe pretend
daddy doesn't know me but i'd make a better friend

daddy met a girl
daddy didn't know her but he fucked her even still
daddy made a baby from a twenty dollar bill
daddy's little baby want a twenty dollar bill

daddy got around
daddy got around to me
Track Name: zoe of rome
on the fifth of july
zoe of rome was hung
from a tree by her hair
pulled from her prayer to her feet at the tomb of st. peter
zoe of rome was hung by her hair

and all the people we knew
all the people she knew were there
to watch zoe of rome
swing from a tree by her beautiful hair

(she was too proud of her hair!)

on the fifth of july
zoe of rome was hung

then they lit a fire
(there she goes!)
Track Name: teresa benedicta also edith stein
teresa benedicta, also edith stein
traded manischewitz for the bloody wine
took the veil, took the cross, died on august 9
in an oven in auschwitz

a student and a teacher, a true believer
a doctor of philosophy and an avid reader
she went to jesus and he received her
in bad bergzabern in 1922

edith stein the catholic was caught in habit
trapped in holland with her sister on the sabbath
neither one observing, rather telling beads
rose and edith, plucked like weeds

"what did we do? we are christian, like you!"
"once a jew, always a jew. you know, jesus was , too: and look what happened to him."

have mercy on us
have mercy on us
have mercy on us, on us
Track Name: st. fina
oh fina, when you first got sick
did you ever think what you'd do with it?
let the other girls skip and play
and flirt with boys, give it away!

you work yourself broken and paralyzed
you heap coals, burning, on their damnable eyes
for god is pain and woe and dirt
and jesus loves you when you hurt
like he does

(through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault!)

o fina, on your wooden board
st. fina loves to serve the lord
the rats that come and cover you, st. fina
make you resolute

the tiny nips, the bits of blood
oh, let us thank him for our food!
as jesus suffered, so will i
a wretched thing until i die
oh jesus!

appreciate my misery!
and leave me violets.
Track Name: giovanni bernardone (st. francis)
a soldier had a vision
the lord gave him a mission:
"repair my house and all you see,
giovanni bernardone"

i'm sad to grieve you, mother.
i hate to leave you, father.
but, poverty, humility,
were never bernardone.

they saved a seat in heaven
for francis and his brethren.
god give you peace, the world is sweet!
the birds sing alleluia.